Alvin Elbert named 2016 Citizen of the Year!

Chehalem Valley Chamber of Commerce awarded our Owner and President Alvin Elbert, 2016 Citizen of the Year! Read his introduction below and watch the video where Alvin receives his well deserved award. Congratulations Alvin!!

2016 Citizen of the Year – Alvin Elbert


One of the reasons Newberg is such a wonderful community is because of the volunteers that give tirelessly of their time to make this a great place to live and work. The Citizen of the Year award recognizes individuals who volunteer their time to do just that.  This year’s recipient currently serves on the board of directors for Chehalem Valley Chamber of Commerce, Mid-Valley Workforce, and Incite.  He is an active member of the Mid-Willamette High Performance Consortium and the Chehalem Valley Steps-Up Internship Program, and enthusiastically volunteers in the manufacturing department at Newberg High School.  Congratulations to Alvin Elbert, President of A.R.E. Manufacturing.

Alvin is passionate about many things; family, tools, mountaineering, and creating opportunities for youth.  For the last forty years he has contributed in many ways to help the youth in our community, be it through youth soccer coaching, classroom volunteering, high school sports and internship programs.

Last year alone A.R.E. Manufacturing, even though they are a small company, provided internships for 11 individuals throughout the year.  They have been offering internships for over 30 years, partnering with various organizations to help youth develop machining and work skills that can be transitioned into the workforce as machinists and engineers.  A.R.E.’s  Manufacturing Manager actually began his career there 30 years ago as a high school intern.

Alvin also participates in Yamhill County Economic Viability Program, Newberg CTE Advisory Committee, Workforce Development Committee, and volunteers for Habitat for Humanity.  Inspired by the loss of a coworker to cancer, Alvin is a member of A.R.E.Tillery, a Newberg Relay for Life team that has raised nearly $70,000 for the American Cancer Society. Today we recognize Alvin Elbert for the difference he has made in our community.

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