Lean Manufacturing

How we use Lean to help our customers.

Since 2005, A.R.E. Manufacturing has been applying Lean Principles in order to eliminate waste in our manufacturing processes. For our customers that means lower prices, quicker delivery and higher quality products. Here are the tools that have made the biggest impact for our customers.

Set up reduction

Over the last 10 years, we have reduced our set up times by over 50%. By using the set up reduction tools below we're able to take the "black magic" out of machining. Our Paint-by-Number setup system gives our customers a higher quality product in a shorter time frame and at a lower cost. 

Dedicated Tooling
Dedicated Tooling, lean manufacturing
Tooling, dedicated tools, Lean

Dedicated tooling blocks and holders for various equipment at A.R.E. Manufacturing.

dedicated tooling

All repeat work has dedicated tooling. The first time we manufacture your job we research the best tools and methods to make your parts. We precisely set-up the tooling, then we keep it ready to go for your next order. This means we don't have to spend time re-setting and hunting down tooling every time you place an order. It also ensures consistent quality because your job will be manufactured the same way every time. 

Standard A.R.E. Blueprint
Pro Plan, production, lean manufacturing, standardized
set up sheet, Production plan, lean manufacturing
First Article, production plans, lean manufacturing, standardized

Standard Paperwork at A.R.E. Manufacturing includes Blueprint, Set-Up Sheet, Production Plan, First Article & Measure Sheet

standard documentation

In order for our dedicated tooling to work, we must follow a standard documentation process. For us, it starts with our blueprint. We draw a custom blueprint for each job that comes through our shop. This way your tight tolerances, critical dimensions and other requirements are highlighted in a standard format. Each time we run your job we create a document packet, free of fingerprints, oil stains and outdated notes. Included with the documentation are First Article Reports to be completed at the machine, fully developed set-up sheets and production guidelines, such as when to change tools and inspect parts. All of this information follows your part from raw material to shipping. Packets are even color coded to signify if your job is today's high priority.

Standard, workstation, lean
lean manufacturing, machinist workstation

A.R.E. Manufacturing workstations

Each workstation at A.R.E. is custom-built to maximize productivity. Gone are the days of individual toolboxes brought from home. Today's work spaces feature shadow boards and drawers stocked with company-supplied tools, measuring devices and paperwork all essential to get your job done. Our goal is to give our machinists everything they need to successfully manufacture your parts without ever leaving the machine. 

In-house training program

Our employees are constantly improving. Each employee receives a minimum of 30 hours of annual training. Our award-winning, in-house training program, combined with our Lean Manufacturing "Paint by Number" system has shortened our machinist training time from 4 years to 12 months. The standardization that gets you higher quality parts at a faster pace also allows us to train more employees faster so that you're never delayed by a lack of manpower.

Our training program was created in partnership with Oregon Manufacturing Extension Partnership (OMEP). To learn more about their services and how they support local manufacturing, visit their website www.omep.org.

Continuous external training is primarily supplied by Willamette Workforce Partnership. To learn more about their Mid-Willamette High Performance Consortium and other services, visit their website willwp.org

To learn more about our in-house training program, view the Careers page.